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Woman 911 PODCAST

Pilot Episode - "What is this?!"


Hey woman! I'm Kate Bailey. Transformational and intuitive coach, entrepreneur and sexy, confident creatrix extraordinaire.


I DARE YOU to be you to be who you really are, and to GO FOR the life you have always desired. 



Skeptical? Here’s the thing... You ALREADY HAVE everything you need WITHIN YOU - to get the relationship, the job, the confidence, the body, the money, the love, THE LIFE YOU CRAVE.


You being here now, is no accident. A woman who is called to step into her power needs radical self love, support, insights, a-ha moments, and most importantly, emergency attention MUST be paid to her.


All women are strong but not all women have the tools or are empowered to be "authentically" strong. 

What is "AUTHENTIC" strength?

Authentic strength is where we STOP PRETENDING that everything is okay and START OWNING the raw truth of who we are so we can take our power back. 

There is the 'strong' we have been conditioned to emulate, modeled to us by very toxic male-dominated working styles and cultures.  

It is a "fake" kind of strength where we "suck it up," posture to fight, people-please, ignore our pain, ignore our truth or make everything pretty and presentable. In fake strength, we ignore our own desires and burn ourselves out showing up for everyone else but ourselves. 

In FAKE STRENGTH, we are vulnerable to what others want us to be. We fall into victimhood and become slaves to a grind instead of mastering our own destiny.

In fake strength we can ignore our own greatness and we get away with playing small. We don't do the work. We are in denial. We are in our comfort zones where we get stuck in a rut or we get stuck in patterns that hold us back. 

We entertain self-doubt, self-judgement, and self-hate. We lie about everything - from what we want, to who we are at our core, just so we can get these tiny little morsels of love and attention from others that never really seems to deliver, satisfy, or serve us. 

AUTHENTIC STRENGTH comes from knowing exactly who you are, what you want, and having complete faith in your ability to get it, and trust in your greatness as a woman. 

Authentic strength is having the power to stay the course in the face of all the resistance that will come up for you along the journey to living your best life. It is courage to face the story that is your life without rewriting it to be more digestable. 

Authentic strength is the power to show up as your highest self and to move beyond everything that tries to keep you in your place. 

The potential to successfully live your life as your true self is there, if you are willing to do the work to become the woman you were always meant to be - a woman who stands in her POWER.

Woman 911 is here for the woman inside of you who is begging to be unleashed. 

And Woman 911 Academy is where we women come together to do the work to put ourselves into power. 



Dana Ellington of Nowata Press gives a Facebook Live testimonial of her experience during a FREE assessment call with Kate Bailey.  Learn why Dana was interested in booking the call, what she thought it was, and what she actually got out of the experience. Tons of lightbulb moments and awesome takeaways in just witnessing these two women working together.

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Click here to listen to Kate's story as a guest speaker on the podcast Women Your Mother Warned You About! Gina, Rachel, and Kate talk about everything from the pay issues in EMS, being female at the FDNY, depression, learning disabilities, and Woman 911 Academy's signature course 30 Days to Authentic Strength .

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Women Your Mother Warned You About


Hey Woman! I'm Kate Bailey

My full time job is being here for you and the highest version of yourself. I’m a transformational and intuitive coach, writer, podcaster, entrepreneur, and a facilitator of social change among women. 

I spend most of my time pole dancing in my underwear on the internet, saying whatever I want and letting my inner child run a muck. 

I like getting down and dirty with my clients. I’m a whole lotta crazy and I figured out how to make that work for me and the women I serve. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing a woman at home within herself coming into her power. I meet women at the point of possibility and hold them accountable to their greatness. Together we clip all the wires, hookups, hang ups that hold her back. You bet your peach-bottomed booty I am a fucking savage for my women.


In another life and in my search for true happiness I made almost 6 figures working in corporate with my own office on the 65th floor of the Chrysler building in Manhattan. I worked casting talent for MTV. I served in the New York City Fire Department as an EMS Instructor. I've responded to over 10,000 New Yorkers in their most emergent moments. I went to SIX different colleges before owning the fact that I have a learning disability. I dropped 50K on an education to learn how to coach women from the most unconventional resources. I pursued anything I wanted and still... I always wanted for MORE. 

I always wanted more because I didn't stop and do the work I needed to do to get in touch with that source  of unlimited pleasure, faith, energy and happiness within me. Once I did the work and connected to that unwavering source of power, I became confident, clear, and full of life.

I couldn't have done it without being my authentic self, sisterhood and healthy family relationships. Now I spend my days serving women in showing them how to be supported and tap into that infinite power source. 

Gratitude & Dedications


This mission, community, and reality would not be possible without the following supportive individuals and mentors who fiercely stood for my talent and desires: 

Tony Bailey 

Korie Savage

Jy’air Bailey

Anne Alfino

Paul Reulbach

Carolyn Kraft

Larry Kaufman

Lori WIlliams

Raheem Williams

Darleen Rahman

Helen Rhodes

Heather Blaikie Lynch

Brooke Calderon Edwards

Malika Constantini

Oksana Pooley

Dana Ellington

Kristin Panier

Lourdes Rodriguez

Stefania Brander

Jo Heckett

Ricky Plante

Danielle Chase

Jane Zheng

Sue Elvin

Krystal Sayles

Amanda Pauline

Alex Mcleod

Jenny Henegan

Mary Tuohy

Sonja Lopez Arnak

AnnMarie Almeida

Olivia Michele Merchant

Teri Carter Lloyd

Nancy Gonzalez-Levis

Stephanie Perez

Ken Blackman

Melanie Kay Seserman

Casandra Ross 

LaShandra Batiste

Leola Hooks-Wright

Amanda Blomberg-Faura

Marisa Hunter

Sara Chizek

Claire Weber

Alicia Balkrishna

Julia Wells

Lindsey Jones

Randi Cutler

Madeline Minor

Kenzie Barth

Stacy Raye Kellogg